To confront global
environmental issues

Global environmental issues such as global warming and increasing environmental burden have become major social issues worldwide.
Air Water leverages its business foundation based on industrial gasses and gained through the Digital & Industry and Energy Solution to address the issue. We have been developing innovative, future-oriented technologies, such as locally produced and locally consumed energy, new energy sources, and energy-saving materials.
To contribute to solving global environmental problems, we are engaged in business aimed at realizing a carbon-neutral society, a resource-recycling society, and a society in which people and nature coexist in harmony.

Liquefied biomethane (LBM),
carbon-neutral energy
from livestock manure

We established a localized supply chain
where biogas derived from livestock manure is
converted to liquefied biomethane and locally
consumed. The LBM is used as fuel for ships,
electricity and product materials for factories,
and as rocket fuel. A demonstration project
is underway to both achieve decarbonization
and contribute to the local community.

small-sized CO2 recovery
and dry ice production equipment

Our technologies of gas production cultivated over time and the unique adsorption have succeeded in separating and recovering CO2
from low-concentration exhaust gas at a high efficiency. The equipment is also capable of producing dry ice from a carbon-recycling perspective.

Shikaoi Hydrogen Farm,
a livestock manure-derived
hydrogen supply business

The farm produces carbon-neutral hydrogen from biogas produced by methane fermentation at a livestock manure treatment facility in Shikaoi, Hokkaido. The hydrogen is sold for fuel cell vehicles at an adjacent hydrogen station, thereby creating a regional circulation model of energy supply.