To bring wellness to our lives

With an aging population and the coming “100-year life era,” there is a need for more efficient medical care and a consistent supply of food to support health.
Air Water can provide medical technologies and services that protect healthy lifestyles and a stable supply of food. Through these efforts, we will contribute to solving social issues such as “extending healthy life expectancy” and “improving food self-sufficiency.”
We are engaged in business aimed at establishing communities where people can lead healthy and secure lives.

Fruit & veg distribution
and processing platform

We established a unique value chain that procures quality agricultural products mainly in Hokkaido, optimally processes them, and distributes them throughout Japan. Collaborating with fruit & veg intermediate wholesaler and retailer, Vegetech and Delica Foods Holdings, we are working together to promote local agriculture and reduce food losses.

Onshore aquaculture platform

We utilized not only oxygen, energy, and artificial seawater being essential to aquaculture, but remote monitoring, freshness preservation, and food analysis technologies. Altogether, we have developed an “onshore aquaculture platform” business that offers an integrated package from the design of aquaculture plants to the operation and maintenance.

“Remote exercise monitoring system” displayed at Air Water Kento.

Remote rehabilitation system

Our group Remohab Inc. is currently developing an online-managed cardiac rehab system to rehabilitate cardiac patients at home through remote monitoring. We are expanding the home healthcare business by entering the rehabilitation area through telecommunications technology.

Pulp regeneration therapy

Our group Aeras Bio Inc. became the first in the world to commercialize pulp regeneration therapy by dental pulp stem cell transplantation.
Also established the “Aeras Bio Dental Pulp Stem Cell Bank” that allows dental pulp stem cells in your own unused teeth to be transplanted into your other teeth to regenerate the nerves.