VALUE CREATION Source of Value Creation in the Air Water Group

Origin of the logo

Air Water’s symbol is an oval with a width-to-height ratio of 10:9. This imitates the “shape of the Earth.” Although the Earth appears circular at first glance, it is actually slightly elliptical with an equatorial diameter of about 43 km larger. Also, the logo color, deep blue, represents water, which covers approximately 71% of the earth’s surface, so that the logo design represents the Earth itself.

Origin of the company name

Our business originated in the industrial gas business, which produces oxygen and nitrogen from air. Later, we also started to engage in the seawater business, extracting magnesia and other active ingredients from seawater. The Earth we live on is surrounded by two large natural spaces: the air and the oceans. The great natural environment of air and water has nurtured technology in all fields up to the present day. We have come to believe that the potential for our future business lies in air and water, at their interface, and where they coexist.
The company name “AIR WATER” embodies our philosophy of contributing to society and the environment, rooted in the irreplaceable resources of air and water for humans and nature.

Business Areas