Report 2023


Creating new corporate value through solving social issues is the mission of our Group, now as a trillion-yen company.

OUR PURPOSE Meeting society’s needs with nature’s blessings

The Air Water Group is united under the Purpose of “meeting society’s needs with nature’s blessings.” Always looking to the future, we have been working as one to contribute to enrich our society through solving social issues. We have developed a wide range of businesses and have continued to provide a stable supply of products and services that are indispensable for our daily lives and industry. These fields now range from industrial gases and chemicals that support manufacturing, to medical care that supports people’s lives, to energy, agriculture, food, logistics, and seawater that are all closely related to our daily lives. The Air Water Group will continue to grow by staying close to people and meeting the various needs of society.

OUR VISION Creating new value through
solving social issues


To confront global environmental issues

Global environmental issues such as global warming and increasing environmental burden have become major social issues worldwide.
Air Water leverages its business foundation based on industrial gasses and gained through the Digital & Industry and Energy Solution to address the issue. We have been developing innovative, future-oriented technologies, such as locally produced and locally consumed energy, new energy sources, and energy-saving materials.
To contribute to solving global environmental problems, we are engaged in business aimed at realizing a carbon-neutral society, a resource-recycling society, and a society in which people and nature coexist in harmony.



To bring wellness to our lives

With an aging population and the coming “100-year life era,” there is a need for more efficient medical care and a consistent supply of food to support health.
Air Water can provide medical technologies and services that protect healthy lifestyles and a stable supply of food. Through these efforts, we will contribute to solving social issues such as “extending healthy life expectancy” and “improving food self-sufficiency.”
We are engaged in business aimed at establishing communities where people can lead healthy and secure lives.