BUSINESS Logistics / Seawater / Global & Engineering / Electric Power

Business Fields (Value Chain)


Operates a wide range of business by utilizing cryogenic transport technology gained through our in-house delivery of industrial gases; including 3PL food logistics, blood transportation, general cargo, chassis, and even design/building of truck bodies.


Manufactures and sells industrial and household salt, boasting the top share in Japan. Also involved in environmental products such as magnesium hydroxide and adsorbents for water treatment, water supply and sewage facilities, investment in aquariums, and supply of artificial seawater there.

Global & Engineering (G&E)

Develops industrial gas-related businesses in India and North America, manufactures/sells equipment for industrial gases, as well as conducts engineering business. Also provides high-power UPS (uninterruptible power supplies) that is essential for data centers and semiconductor factories. See Global & Engineering for more details.

Electric Power

Undertakes wood biomass power generation business in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, using the renewable energy feed-in tariff (FIT) system. Drives low-carbon and recycling-oriented society with less environmental impact.

Mid-to Long-Term Policy / Growth Strategy

1. Expanding overseas business


  • Acquiring new onsite projects for steel. Also establishing a supply chain including manufacturing and logistics infrastructure through expansion of sites

North America

  • Building a network of gas production and sales bases by promoting M&As and JVs of industrial gas distributors in North America
  • Building a foundation for decarbonization-related businesses such as liquefied hydrogen, carbon dioxide gas, etc.

High-Power UPS

  • Developing high-power UPS with greater environmental performance to meet growing data center demand
  • Expanding business areas to ASEAN, Taiwan, Japan, and other Asian demand areas by leveraging our engineering expertise in power systems
2. Reinforcing the foundation of the logistics business
  • Establishing a cold chain by networking trunk line transportation
  • Streamlining operations through IOT, such as dispatching and package sorting
3. Reinforcing the stable earnings structure of Nihonkaisui
  • Strengthening profitability of existing businesses, including salt manufacturing, mainly by strict price management
  • Expanding urban infrastructure business, primarily by upgrading sewer pipes
  • Reducing the risk of market price volatility by more weighting domestic materials for biomass power generation and enhancing procurement
4. Reinforcing the earnings base of the wood biomass power business
  • Reducing procurement costs and maintaining stable operations


Advanced engineering structure in place for expanding overseas business and electronics

To strengthen our engineering structure, which is indispensable for industrial gas supply, we will establish a new general engineering center at the Sakai Plant. The center will integrate the development, design, fabrication, operation, and maintenance of industrial gas plants. We are also expanding our plant fabrication plants to approximately double our production capacity. We aim at elevating our engineering technology to make a full range of deep-cooled air separation plants, from small to large scale, and enable our engineering system to handle larger equipment. That will allow us to accelerate the expansion of our industrial gas business in India and other overseas countries, as well as boost the production of our Group’s major semiconductor device manufacturers.

Sakai Plant perspective drawing