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Business Development Outline

Mid-to Long-Term Policy / Growth Strategy

1. Strengthening Profitability
  • Ensuring price management for the higher value of products and services
  • Responding to gas demand by expanding and optimally locating facilities, including carbon dioxide sources and argon production facilities
  • Improving operational efficiency through integration and reorganization of group companies in the electronics and logistics fields
  • Reallocating personnel to growth areas such as the environment and electronics
2. Reinforcing Electronics B.U.
  • Adding on-site gas supply plants to accommodate factory expansion by major semiconductor device manufacturers
  • Boosting sales of chemical materials and supply equipment along the expanding on-site gas supply
  • Developing semiconductor and electronic materials by integrating expertise in the electronics and functional materials fields
3. Bolstering Carbon Neutrality
  • Developing a stable supply system for hydrogen unaffected by trends in raw material sources, utilizing the high-efficiency hydrogen generator “VHR2”
  • Installing a CO2 recovery system to recover the CO2 generated during the production of hydrogen from city gas to achieve clean hydrogen production
  • Producing and selling oxygen, nitrogen, and argon using green power


Manufacturing base strategy
with our hydrogen gas generator, “VHR”

Our Group has a production and supply network with nine on-site hydrogen gas supply sites and eleven compressed hydrogen production sites, which are among the best in Japan. We also develop our own hydrogen gas generator “VHR”, which achieves the world’s highest level of generation efficiency and reduces environmental impact. Currently, we are installing VHR when renewing or building new production facilities. We are building a stable supply system that is less susceptible to trends in raw material sources, and at the same time, we are promoting a manufacturing base strategy to capture the growing demand for hydrogen against the backdrop of decarbonization. In addition, since VHR utilizes steam reforming process of natural gas, we plan to install a CO2 recovery system in the future to make hydrogen cleaner and expand our carbon dioxide gas production bases.