BUSINESS Business Overview

Starting from the industrial gas supply, our business has expanded diversely in stable markets that are essential to manufacturing and people’s daily lives. Our business portfolio is now able to generate sustainable and stable growth, regardless of changes in the business environment.

* Adjustments: Elimination of intersegment transactions and profit/loss of
the Company’s headquarter divisions not allocated to each segment


Digital & Industry

Supports various manufacturing industries by providing a stable supply of industrial gases through our nationwide network of bases. By leveraging our strength handling both industrial gases and chemical products, also supports the electronics industry with a wide range of products and services.

Industrial Gases
  • Industrial gases (oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, helium, etc.)
  • Large-scale nitrogen gas supply for semiconductors
  • Specialty gases and chemicals
  • Gas purifiers, equipment for semiconductor production processes
  • Chemical products for semiconductor manufacturers
Functional Materials
  • Electronic materials, circuit products, precision polishing pads
  • O-rings
  • Basic chemicals (e.g., organic acid products)
  • Chemicals for food (sodium acetate)
  • Magnesia

Energy Solutions

Retails LP gas for residential use mainly in Hokkaido and Tohoku areas. Also develops fuel conversion and LNG-related businesses amid growing demand for low-carbon and decarbonized energy. Furthermore, aims to establish a resource-recycling energy supply model that utilizes unused resources for local production for local consumption and to create new businesses such as CO2 capture and reuse.

  • LP gas and kerosene sales
  • LP gas related equipment
  • LNG related equipment
Green Innovation
  • Low-carbon/decarbonization business development (CO2 recovery, hydrogen energy, LNG, etc.)


Health & Safety

Provides solutions to the medical field by utilizing our diverse products and services, including medical gases, design, construction, maintenance, and inspection of hospital equipment, outsourcing of hospital operations, and sanitary materials. Also supports people’s health and safety by developing businesses in home health care, oral care, consumer health, and safety services.

Medical Products
  • Medical gas (oxygen, carbon dioxide, helium, etc.)
  • Medical equipment
  • Home healthcare
  • Dental materials
Consumer Health
  • Sanitary materials
  • Aerosol
  • Needles
Medical Services
  • SPD (centralized supply, processing and distribution of medical supplies in hospitals)
  • Sterilization/disinfection of medical instruments
Safety Services
  • Design/construction/maintenance of medical gas piping, operating rooms, and ICUs
  • Manufacturing/sale of fire extinction equipment and breathing apparatus

Agriculture & Foods

Starting with the production and sale of frozen food using liquefied nitrogen, expanded our business from the wholesale, processing, and retail of fruits and vegetables to the production and sale of beverages and sweets. Continues to support safe and secure “food” in a variety of areas by leveraging our strong ties with producers through the procurement of raw vegetable ingredients, our product development capabilities, and the processing technology to realize them.

  • Ham delicatessen
  • Frozen food
  • Sweets
  • Vegetable processing
  • Farmer’s markets, wholesale fruits/vegetables
  • Manufacturing/sale of agricultural machinery
Natural foods
  • OEM of beverages such as vegetable and fruit-based


Includes (1) “Logistics,” which operates a 3PL business utilizing cryogenic controlled transportation technology and medical logistics, (2) “Seawater,” which expands its salt manufacturing technology to artificial seawater and environmental business, and (3) “Global & Engineering,” which develops industrial gas business in North America and India and globally supplies high-power UPS (uninterruptible power supplies) used in data centers and other facilities.

  • Transportation (general logistics, chassis transport)
  • Food logistics
  • Medical & environmental logistics
  • Vehicle modifications
Global & Engineering
  • On-site gas supply for steel
  • Lorry and cylinder supply
  • Industrial gas equipment (cryogenic equipment, hydrogen, carbon dioxide gas, etc.)
  • Engineering
  • High-power UPS
  • Production/sale of commercial salt
Electric power
  • Wood biomass power generation