VALUE CREATION Value Creation Process

Our Purpose Meeting society’s needs with nature’s blessings

In line with the Air Water Group’s Purpose, “Meeting society’s needs with nature’s blessings,” we have integrated the growth vectors of our diverse business domains into the two axes, “Global Environment” and “Wellness” that can reflect global social issues. We will create new corporate value through the solution of social problems and realize the Sustainability Vision of “achieving a recycling-oriented society through coexistence with society and the earth.” We aim to achieve it by creating synergies among our diverse businesses, human resources, and technologies, which are the greatest strengths of our Group.

Process to Identify the Pillars to Success (Materiality)

We have identified Materiality by considering their importance in building a sustainable society and business in terms of enhancing corporate value. The process includes consideration of the social and business environment, relevant risks and opportunities, and stakeholder relationships.

Pillars to Success (Materiality)

We have identified factors below that are highly important from both “perspectives of impacts on business continuity” (horizontal axis) and “society and stakeholders’ perspectives” (vertical axis). Through innovation that leverage our diverse technologies, we will be making our Sustainability Vision a reality.

Materiality Map