BUSINESS Energy Solutions

Business Development Outline

Mid-to Long-Term Policy / Growth Strategy

1. Strengthening Profitability
  • Improving efficiency of LP gas delivery, filling, and metering operations through IoT
  • Optimizing prices for delivery fees, filling fees, etc.
  • Improving operational efficiency through integration and reorganization of delivery and filling bases and group companies
2. Responding to Low-Carbon Needs
  • Promoting fuel conversion and expanding sales of LNG-related equipment against the backdrop of low-carbon and decarbonization trends
3. Switching to a Carbon-Neutral Energy Business
  • Creating new businesses responding to climate change issues, such as CO2 capture/reuse, biogas, and liquefied biomethane
  • Establishing a resource-recycling energy supply model of local production for local consumption based on LP gas supply network and industrial gas customer contacts
  • Boosting sales of vertical solar power system “VERPA”


Pioneered the world’s first vertical solar power system “VERPA,” installable in parking areas, etc.
- vertical type, space saving, and even fits heavy snow areas -

We have developed the vertical solar power system “VERPA” in cooperation with Luxor Solar (Germany). This is the world’s first innovative system that can be used in conjunction with other applications such as parking lots, since it requires less installation area than the TOPICS usual flat or sloped type and has a height of more than 2 meters from the ground surface to the bottom of the module. Besides, the double-sided power generation makes the output almost the same as that of the sloped type, and its vertical position makes it resistant to snow.