VALUE CREATION The Path to a Trillion-Yen Revenue

Achieved 6.4% CAGR in revenue and
9.9% CAGR in operating profit over 30 years,
while improving ROE

Air Water was originally started by three companies with different histories and cultures, Hoxan, Daido Sanso, and Kyodo Oxygen, who came together to contribute to industry and society through “air and water,” and then established through two mergers in 1993 and 2000. Then the company has achieved a trillion yen of revenue in FY2022. The cornerstone of this effort was the establishment of Daido Hoxan Inc. in 1993, which was followed by the diversification of the company’s business in addition to the expansion of its overall capabilities as an industrial gas manufacturer, which is its mainstay business.

After 2000, when Air Water was in the “first founding stage,” we established a solid foundation as an industrial gas manufacturer, while developing its business to diversify. After 2010, when it entered the “second founding stage,” we established an “All-Weather Portfolio” that can realize stable growth under any environment. To this end, we expanded not only our “industrial businesses” such as industrial gas and energy, but also our “lifestyle businesses” such as medical care, agriculture and food, and seawater, while making full use of aggressive M&As. 

Over the 30 years since Daido Hoxan was established in 1993, our CAGR (compound annual growth rate) has reached 6.4% for revenue and 9.9% for operating profit. ROE has also made a stable growth as we expanded our business while improving capital efficiency.

From FY2022 beyond, our “third founding stage,” we are now aiming to create new corporate value by solving social issues through synergies that combine the diverse businesses, human resources, and technologies of our Group.

*1 Net sales until FY2018 (Japanese Accounting Standards)
*2 Ordinary income until FY2018 (Japanese Accounting Standards)
(International Financial Reporting Standards applied from FY2019)