STRATEGY Realizing “terrAWell30”

The Air Water Group has set forth the vision toward FY2030 and released it as “terrAWell30.” Under this vision, we are working to “create new corporate value through solving social issues” while generating synergies by creatively combining diverse businesses, human resources, and technologies based on the two growth axes of Global Environment and Wellness.

Basic policy of “terrAWell30”

We create synergies by optimizing Group management resources to expand growth areas, strengthen profitability, and incubate new businesses.

Progress in growth strategies

To realize our vision of “terrAWell30,” we are strengthening profitability, expanding growth areas, and incubating new businesses, based on the idea of maximizing the value we can create by the Group’s management resources.

Strengthen profitability

Evolving Integrated Group Management

We shifted to unit-based and group-integrated management to promote total optimization. In the domestic business, we are enhancing logistics (total optimization of data-based logistics), DX (reduced operations using IT), and procurement (cost cut by group-wide procurement), as well as strengthening profitability through optimal personnel allocation, price management, and appropriate inventory levels.


Expand growth areas

FOCUS 1:Global & Engineering

Here introduces the Global Business, which aims to become a gas company with a strong presence in the global market and shows rapid growth through aggressive investment in industrial gas and engineering. Topics include its base strategy, strengths, and market strategies for its most important regions, North America and India, respectively.


FOCUS 2:Electronics

This section describes the Electronics Business, which continues to grow by capturing investment demand from the semiconductor industry, which is expanding its investment in digitalization and domestic production of products to meet increasingly complex, cutting-edge needs.


Incubate new business

FOCUS 3:Incorporating Carbon Neutrality into Growth

This section showcases how we approach carbon-neutral society and a resource-recycling business model by leveraging our technologies and businesses that contribute to low-carbon/decarbonization, our customer base, logistics network, and other management resources.


FOCUS 4:Incorporating Wellness into Growth

Here presents how we create new businesses and set up the structure that can solve social issues such as food shortages due to the growing world population and the extension of healthy life expectancy in a super-aged society.