STRATEGY AIR WATER’s Growth Strategy

Grow new businesses

1. Overseas industrial gases

Will build a business foundation in industrial gases and, in the future, diversify into related fields such as medical, environmental, and food products, making high growth.

Target markets: India, North America

Strengths: Gas plant technology, VSU model, tie-ups with major trading companies

2. Decarbonization

Will establish a clean energy supply model of local production for local consumption, solving climate change issues.

Focus areas: Biogas, methane, hydrogen, CO₂ capture/reuse

Strengths: High-efficient gas purification/separation technology, transport and supply infrastructure, community-based social capital

3. Agriculture

Will grow agribusiness to help increase food self-sufficiency and reduce food loss.

Focus area: Fruit & vegetable distribution and processing

Strengths: Business base in Hokkaido (procurement capacities, the brand, etc.), capital and business tieups with two industry leaders, freshness keeper with logistics and gas technology

Boost profitability of
existing businesses in Japan

  • Business inspections for enhancement
  • Price management
  • BS management led by the headquarters
  • Optimal personnel allocation, etc.