STRATEGY Technology Strategy

For Air Water, technological development capabilities are the source of solutions to add value to products and services and to meet customer needs, and are an essential strategic axis for creating new businesses that contribute to solving social issues.

Technology development structure

Our Group has more than 38 R&D locations, and a wide variety of R&D activities are carried out there. In terms of the R&D structure, the Group Technology Center (GTC) functions as the Group’s strategic platform, integrating company-wide technology strategies, and is responsible for cross-sectional management of R&D in each business including assessment, IoT, AI, intellectual property management, and training of engineers. In July 2023, we established a “Development Center” in each business group to speed up and improve the efficiency of R&D by linking business needs and development more directly. We also set the “Healthcare Imaging Div.” and the “Onshore Aquaculture Div.,” which have entered the commercialization phase, to accelerate the launch of our business.

At the same time, the “Gas Technology Development Center” was opened in the GTC. The center promotes the development of gas technology, which is the foundation of all businesses and a source of synergy, especially in various gas applications including those in the electronics, food preservation and transportation, and medical and bio-related fields.

Basic policy of our strategy

1. Make technology a growth driver

Will promote rapid commercialization of development themes through assessment by GTC and use of Stage Gates. Elevate the Group’s engineering through synergies from dispatching technical information, industry-government-academia collaboration, and enhanced corporate branding.

2. Develop gas application for new business

Will develop application technologies, led by the Gas Technology D.C., to create new gas demand in the electronics, food preservation/transportation, medical, and bio-related fields, as a catalyst for new business.

3. Plan and promote technical talent strategy

Will centrally manage the skills of the Group’s engineers and promote hiring, skill identification, training, and placement of the right person in the right job.

R&D themes

* We acquired digital-related elemental technologies such as sensing (light and sound), image processing, and remote communication control, by integrating the R&D department (approx. 70 people) of a major electronics manufacturer in the past few years. By incorporating them with our existing technologies and businesses in industrial gas, medical, agriculture and food, we are working on tech innovation to create new businesses.

Development & information hubs of the Air Water Group

We are developing bases for the creation, development, and dissemination of new businesses that will contribute to solving social issues. These facilities will serve as a stage for improving brand power through information dissemination and enhancing human capital through the process of creating new businesses with technology, as well as technology development through the promotion of open innovation.

Opened in Sept. 2019

Birthplace of the pulp regeneration treatment
International Advanced Medical Center @Kobe

R&D center to create new products and services for healthy “living” for people

Opened in Sept. 2023

For experiencing and co-creating a healthy lifestyle
Air Water Kento

A place to create a wide business related to “wellness” in the
100-year-life era, contributing to a longer healthy life

Opening in Oct. 2024

Gathering of wisdom in Hokkaido
Air Water Forest

A hub to create new businesses that contribute to solving regional issues in Hokkaido by bringing new ideas and collaboration with research institutions, universities, local governments, and local companies

Opening in 2024

Circulating resources, energy, agriculture, and aquaculture
Nature’s Blessing Farm Matsumoto

A facility that models a carbon-neutral, recycling-oriented society where energy is locally produced and consumed in four plants: biomass gasification & power generation, methane fermentation, smart onshore aquaculture, and smart agriculture