Management Philosophy

Backed by an entrepreneurial spirit,
we dedicate ourselves and our resources
to the creation and development of business
linking air, water and the earth.

The Air Water Group’s business originates from “air” and “water,” as the company name implies.
By utilizing these irreplaceable global resources, we create business and contribute to society and our daily lives.
In a fast-changing business environment today, we will continue to leverage our Group’s collective strengths to solve issues faced by our customers and society, and to take on challenges to create new value.

Code of Conduct

脚下照顧 (Kyakka Shoko)

Reflect on the past, identify your position,
and prepare for the future.

It represents the importance of looking at where you are standing right now.
It also expresses the hope that you can start afresh by first looking back at yourself when encountering difficulties.

横議横行 (Ougi Oukou)

Discuss beyond organizational boundaries and act outside the box.

For our Group that has evolved by integrating various companies, it is an indispensable attitude to transform the diversity into strength and create new value.